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Subject groups

  1. Agriculture, Farm Labour
  2. Industry, Industrial Labour, MSME, Chambers of Commerce
  3. Economic Policy, Tax Policy, GST
  4. Youth, Jobs, Skilling, Sports
  5. Women, Children, Gender Justice
  6. SC, ST, OBC
  7. Minorities, Religious Freedom, Personal Laws
  8. Ex-Servicemen, Freedom Fighters, Senior Citizens
  9. Unorganised Sector, Fishermen, Social Security
  10. Education, Teachers
  11. Health, Water, Sanitation, Nutrition, Food Security
  12. Middle Class, Housing, Urbanisation, Urban infrastructure
  13. Centre-State Relations, Local Self Government
  14. Infrastructure, Transport, Power
  15. National Security, Foreign Policy
  16. Internal Security, Police Administration and Reforms
  17. Institutional Reforms, Civil Service Reforms, Government Employees, Justice Delivery, Transparency and Accountability
  18. Environment, Disaster Management and Response
  19. Regional Issues, Border States, Migration
  20. Art, Culture, Heritage, Liberty and Freedom

Manifesto Committee 2019

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