Foreign tourist arrivals in India in 2018 is estimated at about 1 crore. Comparing this number with the numbers of comparable countries, it indicates substantial under-performance. Congress will take measures to achieve an annual growth of 20 per cent in tourist arrivals.

Tourism is important for many reasons, the most important being its capacity to create jobs for people with different levels of education.

  1. Congress promises a special tax regime for tourism-related businesses and income.
  2. We will establish an adequately capitalised Tourism Development Bank to provide low-cost, long-term funds for investment in tourism-related businesses.
  3. Congress will work with State Governments to provide, and improve, the infrastructure in and around places of tourist interest.
  4. Congress will work with State Governments to create young volunteer groups to guide and assist visitors at important places of tourist interest.
  5. India’s Missions abroad will be tasked with encouraging more visitors to India from the country to which each Mission is accredited.
  6. Visa-on-Arrival Scheme will be expanded to include more countries and more categories of visitors. No fee will be charged for tourist visas for a period of 3 years.
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