Congress affirms its belief that India has the potential to become a great sporting nation. Our sports policy will aim to inculcate in our citizens, especially students and youth, the culture of sports and fitness and will encourage sports as a career. 

  1. Congress promises to respect the autonomy of the Indian Olympic Association and the Apex Body of each sport. Government will work with each body to promote the sport concerned. 
  2. Congress will take suitable measures to ensure that the Constitution of each sports body is in accordance with certain norms and principles, that elections are held according to them, and that there is adequate representation in each sports body for active players, former players, and women. 
  3. We will make physical education and sports an integral and mandatory part of the school curriculum and encourage higher education institutions to accord sports an important place.  
  4. Congress promises to allocate sufficient funds to create modern sports infrastructure in different parts of the country such as multi-sport stadium, athletic track, football field, astro-turf, tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball courts, gymnasium, swimming pool and velodrome. We will entrust the maintenance and management of each facility to the Apex Body of that sport. 
  5. Congress will allocate sufficient funds to train and produce coaches and other technical support personnel in each sport. 
  6. Congress promises to establish Centres of Sporting Excellence in different parts of the country in order to offer world-class training and coaching facilities to sportspersons who meet national or international standards of excellence. 
  7. We will ensure that there is at least 1 community sports centre in the headquarters of each block and in municipal towns and at least 1 multi-sport coaching centre in every district headquarters. 
  8. Congress will ensure that there is at least 1 Sports Counselling Centre in every district that will spread awareness about different sports and counsel and assist aspiring young sportspersons. 
  9. We will allocate sufficient funds to promote sports among girls and women, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged groups such as Scheduled Tribes.
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