Investment in science, technology, and innovation is investment in the future of the country. Development of scientific temper and inculcating a spirit of inquiry are critical for India’s progress.

  1. Congress promises to work with industry to increase the expenditure on science and technology to 2 per cent of GDP.
  2. Congress promises to allocate sufficient funds to promote science, technology and innovation.
  3. Congress promises to recruit more scientists to the various institutes of research and development and to fill all current vacancies in the posts of researchers and scientists within 12 months.
  4. We will strengthen Science Departments in NAAC-graded colleges and universities, provide them with funds for equipment, laboratories and more teachers, and encourage them to publish their research. 
  5. Congress promises to strengthen patent laws and support Indian inventors and innovators to secure international patent protection.
  6. We will create a patent pool, acquire patents, and allow access to patented technology to businesses at an affordable cost.
  7. We will revitalise the National Innovation Council and make it the premier body to formulate, debate, analyse and implement strategies for innovation, and for the deployment of innovative technologies in different areas.
  8. We will establish a National Mission focused on sunrise technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, 3-D Printing and Manufacturing, and Knowledge Networks.
  9. Congress promises to enhance the India Inclusive Innovation Fund to provide funds to innovative enterprises to scale-up and expand their operations, as well as engage with persons at the bottom of the economic pyramid in order to promote innovation at the grassroots.
  10. Congress will set up a Scenario Planning and Strategic Futures Office to look at medium-to-long term strategic opportunities and risks for the country as an aid to informed policy making.
  11. Congress promises to set up a National Data Science Institute with adequate funding and human resources to train and produce world-class Data Scientists.
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