Congress promises to enhance infrastructure in rural areas and improve the quality of public goods such as roads, bridges, water supply, sanitation, electricity and schools.

  1. In order to fill the gaps in sector-specific schemes as well correct any unintended bias, we will empower Panchayats and Municipalities to design and execute infrastructure projects. Congress promises to establish a non-lapsable Rural Infrastructure Fund that will provide loans and grants to specific infrastructure projects undertaken by Panchayats and Municipalities.
  2. We will launch MGNREGA 3.0 to address issues of water security, soil quality and similar issues that aggravate farmers’ distress. To this end, we will:
    1. Increase the guaranteed days of employment up to 150 days in cases where 100 days have been achieved in a block/district; 
    2. Use MGNREGA labour in the Waterbodies Restoration Mission and the Wasteland Regeneration Mission; and
    3. Use MGNREGA funds to build public assets such as primary health centres, classrooms, libraries etc.
  3. Congress promises to connect all villages and habitations with a population of 250 with a road under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. Broadband connectivity will be provided to all village Panchayats by the year 2021.
  4. The allocation to the National Drinking Water Mission that has suffered neglect under the BJP government will be increased.
  5. We will pass the Right to Homestead Act to provide a homestead for every household that does not own a home, or own land on which a house may be built.
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