1. ‘Police’ and ‘Law & Order’ are State subjects. Congress promises to consult State Governments and reach a consensus on the police reforms directed by the Supreme Court in the Prakash Singh case. Based on the consensus, Congress will pass a Model Police Act that the States will be advised to adopt and enact in the State Legislatures.
  2. The objectives of the Model Police Act will be to make the police forces modern, technology-enabled, people-friendly, and upholders of human rights and legal rights.
  3. Provisions will be made in the Model Police Act to:
    1. Make the State police force accountable to an independent Police Accountability Commission as well as to give an annual report to the State Legislature.
    2.  Decentralise the police force in the State and to involve the community in the oversight of the police force.
    3. Cause investigations into cases of communal riots, lynchings and gang rapes by a special wing of the State police under the direct command of the State Headquarters of the police.
  4. Congress promises to work with State Governments to augment the size of their police forces, to fill current vacancies within 18 months and to lay down a schedule for annual recruitment, taking into account anticipated vacancies.
  5. We will work with State Governments to ensure that their police forces reflect the diversity of the population of the State and gives greater representation to under-represented sections.
  6. We will ensure that State police forces reserve 33 per cent of all vacancies in direct recruitment and promotion for women constables and officers.
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