Congress affirms its belief that non-resident Indians, wherever they live and work, are an inseparable part of India.

  1. Congress promises to re-establish the Ministry of Overseas Indians that will be tasked to address the concerns of NRIs including their safety, conditions of work, social security and health benefits, education of their children, need for financial services and safe return to India.
  2. Congress will task India’s Missions abroad to pay special attention to work safety and work conditions of Indian citizens in foreign countries. We will appoint a Committee of Overseas Indian Citizens to review the work of the Missions in this regard.
  3. We will review and expand the opportunities for higher education and review the fee structure for the children of NRIs in colleges and universities in India.
  4. Congress promises to design and promote an NRI Invest Scheme to offer more opportunities and options to NRIs to invest in India. We will establish a single point of contact and simplify the procedures to enable NRIs to invest in businesses in India.
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