A basic weakness of the Indian economy has been infrastructure. Flawed design, inefficient execution, insufficient capacity and poor maintenance of infrastructure have dragged India’s growth rate down.

Congress promises to address these deficiencies with a combination of planning, technology, quality and accountability.

All available models and instrumentalities will be used to build infrastructure — public sector, private sector and public-private partnership.

Roads, railway and electricity are among the vital infrastructure. They are also crucial public goods.

  1. Congress promises to augment the total length of national highways and increase the pace of construction. The focus will be on improved design and quality, maintenance and accountability.
  2. Congress promises to massively modernise all outdated railway infrastructure. New projects will be implemented in accordance with the best international standards of design and quality.
  3. Road construction and railways can be built using private capital and capacity. Congress will use sector-specific, tried and tested PPP models to increase the supply of these vital public goods.
  4. Congress promises to review, re-formulate and implement the policy on spectrum on exploration and extraction of natural resources. The policy will address issues of allocation, capital investment, enhanced production, transparency, efficiency, risk-reward concerns, environmental sustainability, inter-generational equity, accountability, competition, and appropriate sectoral regulation.
  5. We will formulate a policy on Clean Energy in existing power plants that use fossil fuels, and promote Green Energy to enhance the share of solar and wind energy in the total supply of energy.
  6. Congress promises to enhance availability of, and access to, electricity in rural areas by encouraging investment in off-grid renewable power generation with ownership and revenues vesting in local bodies. Every village and every home will be electrified in the true sense. In the long term, we aim to substitute LPG used in homes with electricity and solar energy.
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