Congress affirms its belief that civil society organisations and groups are an important pillar of a parliamentary democracy. During the tenure of the UPA Governments, civil society played a key role in developing our rights-based agenda. We will continue to engage with civil society activists and organisations and draw on their experience and knowledge.

  1. Congress promises to re-constitute the National Integration Council to promote unity, solidarity, communal harmony, fraternity and reconciliation. Congress promises to work with the Council to fight divisive and communal forces that are a danger to the unity and solidarity of the country.
  2. Congress will set up an Inter-faith Council consisting of leaders of all religions in order to promote respect for all religions, mutual tolerance and fraternity, to hold inter-faith dialogues, and enhance cultural exchanges between people belonging to different religions.
  3. We will encourage citizens to form civil society organisations. We will create an institutional framework under which Central and State Governments may consult civil society organisations on formulating policies, implementing programmes and obtaining feedback on outcomes.
  4. Congress will use modern technology along with traditional brick-and-mortar service centres to increase the role of civil society organisations in policy and in decision-making.
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