Congress affirms its belief that every Indian shall enjoy digital rights and freely access the digital world. Congress promises to:

  1. Provide access to all persons to high quality internet at affordable rates;
  2. Uphold the principle of ‘net neutrality’ to ensure the internet stays a level playing field;
  3. Regulate the power to shut down the internet and to prevent arbitrary shut downs;
  4. Promote the development and use of open standards and free and open source software in order to enable citizens to avail of government services and access government information without being obliged to rely on proprietary software;
  5. Pass a law to protect the personal data of all persons and uphold the right to privacy;
  6. Pass a law to provide adequate safeguards against unlawful or excessive surveillance and monitoring and provide for both independent and Parliamentary oversight;
  7. Make all government departments publish all non-private data sets as open data, allowing citizens to access the data without having to file RTI requests; and
  8. Pass regulations to stop the spread of fake news and hate speech and punish those who misuse digital and social media.
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