Denotified and Semi-Nomadic Tribes have long suffered discrimination and neglect. Congress believes that it is the duty of the Central and State Governments to reach out to these groups and correct these injustices.

  1. Congress promises a Special Census and the enumeration of Denotified and Semi-Nomadic Tribes and the integration of the data in the decennial census.
  2. We will examine the feasibility of providing compartmental reservation for Denotified and Semi-Nomadic Tribes as citizens belonging to socially and educationally Backward Classes.
  3. We will immediately repeal the Habitual Offenders Act, 1952 that has discriminated against and stigmatised Denotified and Semi-Nomadic Tribes and led to their harassment.
  4. Congress will work with State Governments to impart education and skills to Denotified and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, especially the children, in order that they may find productive jobs and reap the benefits of economic development.
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