It is not possible to eradicate poverty without tackling the dual threats of climate change and natural disasters. It is the poor who suffer most on account of natural disasters and climate change.

  1. Congress promises to re-visit the National Disaster Management Act, 2005 and incorporate changes, based upon the experience gained in the working of the Act and in managing natural disasters that have occurred over the last 14 years.
  2. We will review the working of the National Disaster Management Authority and emphasise the equally important function of preventing disasters.
  3. We will not limit disaster management to humans and will include it to cover the impact of disasters on wild animals, domestic animals, pets, livestock, agricultural crops and plantations.
  4. We will use the MGNREGA programme to execute public works that will mitigate the impact of disasters such as floods and droughts.
  5. Congress promises to develop a modern Climate Information System, incorporating advanced tools of meteorology that will accurately monitor, forecast and disseminate information to key stakeholders including farmers, fisherfolk and vulnerable households.
  6. We will increase the allocation to the National Adaptation Fund and re-visit the guidelines for the use of the funds to ensure that only schemes that actually benefit farmers, fisherfolk, forest dwellers, artisans and similar persons are implemented.
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