Child welfare

Children are the most valuable human resource of a country. Congress believes that it is the duty of the Central and State Governments to ensure that every child enjoys all the rights of a child, especially complete education and full health.

  1. Congress promises to expand the ICDS programme, increase funding support and increase the number of Anganwadis. Anganwadi workers shall be paid the notified State minimum wage.
  2. Based on need and demand, Anganwadis will include a crèche to provide day care to small children and to empower working mothers.
  3. Nutritious food is the mainstay of the ICDS programme. We will closely monitor the coverage and quality of the programme. There will be a social audit of the outcomes pertaining to the improvement of children’s nutrition levels.
  4. We will ensure that every child is vaccinated.
  5. Complete education is dependent on learning outcomes and the child completing 12 years of school education. The ASER Report is an indictment of the quality of instruction in many schools. Congress will work with State Governments to ensure that a child receives a good quality education and that this is reflected in learning outcomes.
  6. Crimes against children, especially sexual violence, are crimes against humanity. Congress promises to take a serious view of such crimes. The number of POCSO courts will be increased, trials will be put on fast track and the guilty punished.
  7. Congress promises to revamp and improve Child Protection Services with a focus on vulnerable groups of children, the prevention of crimes against children, and the after-care and rehabilitation of child victims.
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