Art, culture and heritage constitute the identity of a people. A multi-cultural country like India can be truly proud of our many identities, which deserve to be protected and preserved.

  1. Congress is committed to protecting the rich diversity of India’s art and culture and to ensuring it flourishes in an atmosphere of freedom and creativity. We will resolutely oppose censorship as well as any attempt to denigrate the art and culture of any group.
  2. Sufficient support and funds will be provided to preserve and promote the art, culture and heritage of the groups of people whose identities are unique and are of anthropological significance.
  3. We will provide fellowships to artists and craftspeople working in the field of traditional arts and crafts.
  4. Congress will guarantee artistic freedom. Artists and craftsmen will enjoy the freedom to express their views in any form without fear of censorship or retribution. Attempts by vigilante groups to censor or intimidate artists will be viewed seriously and action against them will be taken according to the law.
  5. Congress promises autonomy to cultural institutions, including financial autonomy.
  6. We will promote art education in schools and colleges and support institutions that exclusively teach the arts. We will encourage more scholars to study archaeology and anthropology and provide more scholarships and fellowships.
  7. Congress will support government and private efforts to establish museums, art galleries, libraries and archives.  Congress will ensure that these institutions are easily accessible to children, students, historians and researchers.
  8. Every effort will be made to retrieve India’s stolen art.
  9. Congress will allocate sufficient funds and support measures to create digital archives of India’s art and culture.
  10. The Copyright Act will be strengthened and enforced. The Copyright Board will be reconstituted and empowered to achieve the objects of the Copyright Act.
  11. The Archaeological Survey of India deserves and will be provided more funds and human resources. More historical monuments will be brought under the care and control of ASI.
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